Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It began with a simple sunrise

Yesterday the early morning sky was clear and the colors bright, changing from yellow to blue. I photographed it with a 200mm lens with the intent of combining the photo later as a background for other images. I began playing with it that night and here are some of the results.

You may recognize this model. I photographed her last week and used her in a blog post. For this photo I included her image but changed the Photoshop layer mode to "screen". This eliminated the dark background and allowed her face to integrate smoothly with the sunrise background. I deepened the sky colors simply by darkening a levels layer.  Adding the tech look of digital dots and star burst finished it off.

This is another example of blending where the eye photo was included as an "overlay" layer in Photoshop to merge it into the background and digital dots.

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