Saturday, April 6, 2013

Just before sunset the sun was glinting off the Empire State Building and the Manhattan Bridge was in shadow. Taken with the same camera setup as the image below but cropped square.
The Empire State Building framed by the Manhattan Bridge, taken just after sunset with a Nikon D800 and the new 80-400mm lens extended to 400mm. The camera was on a tripod but I was taking the photo from the Brooklyn Bridge where heavy traffic was vibrating the platform.  I thought it might cause a blur with a 1/3 second exposure. Fortunately, the VR system did kick in to steady the shot, otherwise, at such a long focal length, this shot might have been impossible with the shutter speed I was using.
This dusk silhouette of the Brooklyn Bridge was taken from the vantage point of where I was standing to take the top photo of the Empire State Building. Taken with a 180mm focal length on the 80-400mm lens and Nikon D800 set to ISO 400.

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